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Last updated: 2004-10-08

The status tag

The status tag is present on each documentation page and looks like this:

    Status: Beta
    Introduced in: 0.0
    Refactorings: 2
    Developed by: Treefinger
    Latest iteration in: 0.2
    Latest iteration by: Treefinger

Here is a small description on each field:

  • Status
    • Alpha
      The architecture was just introduced.
    • Beta
      The architecture has been verified, but has either not been used enough or has known problems.
    • Mature
      The architecture has reached a stable form and there are no known problems with it.
  • Introduced in
    Which version this specific architecture was first implemented in.
  • Refactorings
    How many times the architecture has changed.
  • Developed by
    Who originally developed the architecture.
  • Latest iteration in
    In what version the latest change to the architecture was made.
  • Latest iteration by
    Who made the latest change to the architecture.