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Last updated: 2004-11-15

Getting started (for developers)

Here is a small guide on how to get the full source code, how to compile it and getting it to run. We developers mainly use Eclipse for our editing needs.
  1. Set up CVS, check sourceforge help
  2. Download and install ANT, needed to build jars.
  3. Check out the modules hazard, haphazard and graphics to the same directory
  4. Download the images (2004-10-08) and unpack them to the same directory
  5. Add the vecmath package to your classpath.
  6. Compile and go!
  7. While you're developing, check from time to time if there are new images to download from here. They're not in the CVS because binary files take up a lot of space, and we want to be nice to SF who so kindly hosts us.