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Last updated: 2004-10-08



    Haphazard is a game we're doing on our spare time and is in constant fear of being terminated for whatever reasons, it was close to be terminated in the summer of 2003 but was revived in the autumn.


    Frankly, we're tired of levelling up, we're tired of having strong story lines, we're tired of having to battle through every game we see (and we're especially tired of the d20 system which atleast I have never liked). Instead we're aiming towards an open-ended adventure game (For example Elite II was truly open-ended) and for that we need a world independent of eventual players.

    Our gaming system (developed in-house and copyrighted) enables you to play in a class-less, level-less skill-based world. You cannot be all powerful since you "forget" skills you don't use and the skills you do use can only reach up to a certain point.

    The combat system is designed so that your skill always matter more than the weapon you wield (very common for CRPGs to become item-based instead of character-based, if you find the all-powerful weapon in the beginning of the game you are unbeatable. Here, a character who is a master with kitchen-knives would cut you to pieces while you fumble about with a sword you can't handle).

    If you want to play a warrior, you should be able to (but don't expect the monsters to respawn... they're people too!). If you want to play a blacksmith, inn-keeper, bandit, whatever, we strive to make it possible. We have a very general A.I. structure for different characters/monsters. For example a you could be a monster-herder that breeds monsters.

    The economy should keep track of current supply/demand of items, if adventurers suddenly pop up and everyone wants a broadsword, broadswords become expensive and rare. If noone wants them, an oversupply occurs and they will be sold very cheap.

    In the future the game will be a multiplayer where you can create new characters, maps, items and even issue new quests.

    humm, that about sums it up. We haven't come very far yet and have no disbeliefs that we will eventually reach it. But if you aim for the stars, you might hit the treetops.

Where we are right now:

    Check the release history ^_^.

The current Haphazard gang
  • Peter "Treefinger" Andersson (Founder)
    Game engine, documentation
  • Lucian "Freerider" Popescu (Founder)
    Graphics engine and much of the graphics
  • Lucian "Sfera" Cristian Beskid (Joined at v0.1)
  • Jonas "Horatio Meisel" Matser (Joined at v0.2)

Previous members
  • Marcus "Blizz" Edvinsson (v0.1 - v0.2)
  • Miro "Karja" Karjalainen (Founder - v0.0)
    Fixed the very first graphics and camera view