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Last updated: 2004-10-08


Version 0.3 - Development version

Major goals

  • Multi-player functionality
    • Separate world model and visualizer [Done]
    • Simulator should be run without graphics [Done]
    • Connect by socket layer [Done]
    • Design protocol and add XML messages for communication [Done]
    • ID for objects in the world [Done]
    • Initialize character in the world
    • Send actions from client to server and let server broadcast
    • Handle messages in world loop
  • Separate world models for agents
    • Add sensors [done]
    • Perception from world
    • Memory of maps
  • Game load/save
  • Cloth doll 2D sprite generation (Postponed from 0.2) [Done]
Minor goals
  • Possibility to select a certain (or several certain) sprites from a sprite file in a graphical object. [Done]
  • Add progress bar to splash screen [Done]
  • Change ground list into a tree (for containers) [Done]
  • Make Skill screen more esthetically pleasing
  • Scabbards [Done]
  • Say command [Done]
  • Camera lock [Done]
New items/graphics
  • Weapons: Short sword, hand axe, knife
  • Wearables: Leather Trousers, Chainmail, Pot Helmet, Bracers
  • Containers: weapon belt, long sword scabbard, short sword scabbard
  • Terrain: Tree with leaves

Version History

Version 0.2 - Released 2003-11-04
  • New gameplay!
  • Skill screen
  • Skill experience
  • Seamless movement
  • Rudimentary AI
  • Items are drawn in the world
  • Pick up things and get descriptions with a right click
  • A* Path planner

Version 0.1.1 - Released 2003-05-11
  • Enhanced inventory
  • Splash screen
  • Fog of war
  • Bugfixes...

Version 0.1 - Released 2003-04-08
  • Inventory and items
  • Connected maps
  • Elevated tiles
  • Major optimizations in the graphics engine

Version 0.0 - Released 2003-03-01
  • Nicely packaged in jar files
  • Custom skill-based system
  • Combat between characters
  • Tile-based map with 2D animated sprites
  • Transparent objects
  • Rain
  • XML-based loading/saving