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Last updated: 2004-10-08


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December 23 - 2003 - Tuesday

    Our new developer Horatio completes the refactoring of the ground item list into a tree. Now you don't have to pick up those containers to see (and get) whats inside! [Treefinger]

December 15 - 2003 - Monday

    The say command is in place, the character now can talk ^_^. It is time for christmas and updates will be more sparse for the coming weeks. Merry christmas and a happy new year! [Treefinger]

December 08 - 2003 - Monday

    Last week we reached a major goal and one minor goal. The major goal was one postponed for version 0.2, namely the Cloth doll sprite generation system. This basically means that your character now will reflect its equipment. The minor goal was specialized containers, you can now define containers that are specific for certain items. For example a quiver that holds 20 arrows or a scabbard for a short sword. (Boots with knife containers are possible and so on...). Freerider fixed a nice tree with leaves and a bug sweep was performed. All in all, a pretty good week. This week will concentrate on multiplayer functionality and graphics fixing. [Treefinger]

December 01 - 2003 - Monday

    Oooh, it's december! Last week saw progress towards the cloth doll sprite generation and the "camera lock" minor goal was reached. The team has a new member on the try-out, Horatio will help us with the implementation and take some of the load off my shoulders which is very helpful. Horatios first task is to fix support for picking up stuff that resides in a container on the ground. This is because right now, you have to pick up the container to see whats inside, and if it is a heavy chest, you can't even pick it up (and thus never get the items inside). I'll continue with the graphics for the cloth doll system and fix some things with specialized containers (for holding weapons etc). Freerider is continuing with the design of the 3D client. [Treefinger]

November 24 - 2003 - Monday

    I changed direction and started fixing the cloth doll sprite generation system that was mentioned in the 0.2 release schedule but later postponed. To be able to fix that, I needed an editor for sprites, so I started coding one. I've been making steady progress over the weekend and when I'm done with that, I'll go back to the ordinary goals that was set before. [Treefinger]

November 19 - 2003 - Wednesday

    Not much code last week, but much designing. Me and Sfera has discussed lots on quests, I've started designing for trade and Freerider has beginning thoughts on skeletal animation for the 3D client. I have much boring stuff to code and just can't seem to get to grips with it. Oh well, I have to solve it somehow ^_^ [Treefinger]

November 10 - 2003 - Monday

    I just had a silly thought about starting a weekly newsletter, but I figure Haphazard is not really mature enough for that. So I'll just post progress here. This past week has featured some designing of the next step to take and the weekends implementation made the development reach two minor goals: A nice progress bar in the splash screen and a refactoring of the FrameImage structure (Graphics stuff). The refactoring gave me lots of headaches and there are still lots of new bugs I've introduced to fix. It is still nicer implementation than before though ^_^. I also introduced seven new items (have drawn graphics for three of them): Short Sword, Knife, Hand Axe, Pot Helmet, Chainmail, Leather Trousers and Bracers. The server GUI has seen the first light and is working somewhat, I'm proceeding with the framework none the less. The plans for this week includes continuing with the distributed framework, fix the graphics for the other four items and more. If I don't get bored until next monday, write you then! [Treefinger]

November 05 - 2003 - Wednesday

    Haphazard v0.2 released, guidelines for where we're taking Haphazard in 0.3 up on the version page. [Treefinger]

November 04 - 2003 - Tuesday

    Huwwa huwwa, lots of bugs found and corrected. After beta 1, there was beta 1.5 and now beta 2 is out for testing. Hopefully there won't be _too_ many bugs left, and when they are fixed, v0.2 is going out to the public and the coding will turn towards implementing the new stuff for version 0.3. [Treefinger]

November 01 - 2003 - Saturday

    All new graphics done, gameplay changed from money gathering to survival... Haphazard v0.2 has gone beta! [Treefinger]

October 31 - 2003 - Friday

    Yay, a first version of the path planner is done. Have lots of nice ideas to make navigation more robust. But now onwards to fix the last things before 0.2b is released to the testers.

    Update: All major goals for v0.2 has now been reached. Just some graphics left to fix before it goes beta! [Treefinger]

October 28 - 2003 - Tuesday

    Errr, sorry about that last message. We never managed to pick up the pace again. Too sunny, too many other things to do. But now version 0.2 is coming around the bend, but I won't promise anything ^_^. [Treefinger]

June 20 - 2003 - Friday

    Some finals, a vacation and a crashed computer later...
    All right! We're finally picking up the pace again. Thank you for your patience! [Treefinger]

May 11 - 2003 - Sunday

    We decided to release an intermediary version of Haphazard that solves the known bugs of version 0.1 as a step towards version 0.2. It is available for download on the download pages! [Treefinger]

May 06 - 2003 - Tuesday

    Six bugs have been reported by our vigilante beta-testers, Sfera and Blizz. Three has been fixed and one has been solved by a workaround. Two more to go! The first design of the status screen has been decided on and it resulted in a split to three different screens; an info screen, a skill screen and a combat screen. Only the skill screen will be implemented in 0.2, the other two will come in later versions. Also the design of the threading has reached a quite mature state and the problem with cloth doll generation is clearing up. All in all, we're in for less thinking and more coding these coming weeks. [Treefinger]

April 30 - 2003 - Wednesday

    Rejoyce! Sfera, a fellow crpg developer, has agreed to help us beta-test Haphazard. This will probably put an end to the most obvious bugs in our releases. Thanks Sfera! [Treefinger]

April 28 - 2003 - Monday

    Almost got a working build again after some major refactoring. I hope these changes will make things easier up front. Almost all minor goals for v0.2 has been reached, time to attack the major ones. Will probably take some time ^_^. If anyone feel like beta-testing, send me a mail! Treefinger at [Treefinger]

April 26 - 2003 - Saturday

    The inventory screen has been updated after comments from our players. Description of items has been put in place and the system now allows for multiple clothes on the same bodypart and a single cloth covering more than one bodypart. Time to concentrate on some refactoring and the status screen for a while! [Treefinger]

April 21 - 2003 - Monday

    Some more things completed in the specification. Back from my break again! [Treefinger]

April 16 - 2003 - Wednesday

    The specifications for v0.2 are up. Maybe in this version there will be sound. Other features to look forward to is AI-controlled NPC. [Freerider]

April 08 - 2003 - Tuesday

    Phew, it wasn't an aprils fool below, we really tried. Hope you didn't mind the wait! Release v0.1 is out! New things is a lot of new graphics, an optimized graphics engine and inventory! [Treefinger]

April 01 - 2003 - Tuesday

    Version 0.1 is in the pipes, will probably be accessible sometime this weekend. It will feature enhanced graphics and an inventory system. Not much in the form of gameplay enhancements though... [Treefinger]

March 25 - 2003 - Tuesday

    The inventory and items system are now in place. There are some adjustments to be done but nothing critical. [Treefinger]

March 21 - 2003 - Friday

    Good afternoon all! A new screenshot is available showing the current state of the development. The draft for version 0.1 is complete but we'll be keeping you in suspense (if anyone reads this). [Treefinger]

March 13 - 2003 - Thursday

    sw00n people! Newest news is that our graphics department (Freerider) has speeded the graphics engine up by 30-50%! Pushing the limits! Scenario for version 0.1 is under discussion on the developer boards, we'll perhaps pop a completed draft to the forum when we feel comfortable with it. [Treefinger]

March 08 - 2003 - Saturday

    w00t people! Haphazards new homepage has suddenly popped up out of nowhere! (OK, you got me, I was looking for something different to do for a while). Anyway, here we'll put up any screenshots, plans, news and other silly things you don't need and don't want to read about. So enjoy! [Treefinger]