org.haphazard.character Everything needed to create and keep your own character
org.haphazard.character.body Classdefinitions for bodyparts that make up a characters body
org.haphazard.character.inventory The class for handling the inventory and different algorithms to manage it
org.haphazard.combat The Haphazard combat engine
org.haphazard.dice Contains an implementation of randomness
org.haphazard.gui The graphical user interface contains all functionality for user interaction
org.haphazard.gui.dialog Contains all dialogs used by MainFrame
org.haphazard.gui.dialog.component Specialized components to use in dialog specification
org.haphazard.gui.engine The 2D graphical engine of Haphazard
org.haphazard.gui.handler Global handlers for example mouse and keyboard
org.haphazard.item Classes for handling and keeping track of different items
org.haphazard.util Contains utilities for testing
org.haphazard.util.sample_character Implementes a few sample characters to use for testing
org.haphazard.util.test Implements tests to run to see that everything works as specified
org.haphazard.XML Contains functions to load/save files in the XML format.